A Vast Conspiracy: The Conservatorship of Britney Spears

This document aims to highlight key events and facts, in order to convey how the most powerful people in the music industry and the state of California likely worked in concert to institute and maintain the conservatorship.

A key point is that many have said that Jamie Spars was minimally involved in Britney’s life prior to the conservatorship. Yet prior to the conservatorship Jamie was directly working with people who would later benefit from Britney’s conservatorship. Furthermore, these people frequently have huge business deals together.

This is a case of intergenerational wealth and power, while these personal connections span decades.


Irving Azoff starts Frontline Management, a musical artist management company.

- Hits Daily Double


Jerry Brown starts his first term as Governor of California. Brown dated Linda Ronstadt for years, who was represented by Irving Azoff. Jerry Brown’s dad was also Governor of California and Attorney General of California.

- Ronstadt-Linda.com

SACRAMENTO is the capital of California.


The Eagles play a benefit concert when Jerry Brown is running for President of the United States. The Eagles have been represented by Irving Azoff for almost all of their career.

- Randy Meisner’s website


Irving Azoff has had courtside season tickets to the Lakers since the 1970s. Courtside seats are a great place for moguls to make business deals.

- The Sydney Morning Herald


Jerry Brown ends his second term as Governor of California.


Laura Wasser’s dad represented Kris Jenner when she got a divorce from Robert Kardashian.

- Divorce Sucks podcast by Laura Wasser


The Maloofs buy the NBA team the Sacramento Kings.


Palms Casino opens in Las Vegas. The Palms is owned by the Maloofs.

Jamie Spears has said that he me the Maloofs through Larry Rudolph around 2001. Jamie Spears has said that the Maloofs also sent him to chef school.

- Las Vegas Review Journal 2/25/2014


Larry Rudolph goes to work with the Maloofs after Britney marries K-Fed.

- Rolling Stone


Ron Artest signs with Lou Taylor. He has changed his name a few times — Metta World Peace, Metta Sandiford Artest

- GQ, Free Ron Artest, 4/9/2005


TPG Capital and Apollo acquire Caesars (formerly Harrah’s)

- SEC.gov


Ron Artest plays for the Sacramento Kings.


Jamie Spears works with the Maloofs in many capacities

- JSM1, LLC managers: Jamie Spears and Fiesta Palms, first filed 8/7/06

(Nevada business search SilverFlume)

- Palms Home Poker Host, launched January 2006 (Getty Images, Wichita Business Journal)

- Maloof Money Cup: 2008; 2009 (IMDB)


Jamie Spears and Lou Taylor are on California business records paperwork together for Spears Management Inc.

2006 California business records show Jason Alexander’s JAA Entertainment and Jamie Spears’ business records both have addresses listed in the same apartment complex on Bluffside Dr. in Studio City, CA.

- California Secretary of State


“You never EVER see Daddy Spears in pictures or anything. I once saw him on an episode of “Dr. 90210,” because I think he’s personal chef to one of the Maloof daughters or some shit like that. He sort of looks like Freddy Krueger, but he seems like the most sane of the Spears, so I’ll let him be.”

- Dlisted “Daddy Spears Stays Away”


Jerry Brown starts his term as Attorney General of California


George Maloof built a state-of-the-art recording studio at the Palms, which was Larry Rudolph’s idea. Britney Spears’ records part of Blackout at the Palms.

“Palms owner George Maloof built the state-of-the-art studio (at the suggestion of Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph) with the intent of making Las Vegas a new music destination on par with New York, Los Angeles and Nashville, the preeminent music cities in the United States.”

- Las Vegas Sun

- Discog


Perez Hilton is sued for leaking Britney Spars’ album Blackout.

- Today

Who gave Perez Hilton Blackout? Could it have been a recording studio where Britney recorded some songs?




Perez Hilton is in talks with Warner Music for a deal to become an A&R rep (artist development). Warner music is a part of Warner Music Group.

Would Perez Hilton be inclined to have better blog coverage of Britney Spears if he was “in” with Team Con.

- New York Times


One of the first paparazzi sightings of Britney Spears after the conservatorship starts is with George Maloof.

“With Brit and George having dinner for a second time this week, is Britney working on a deal to perform at The Palms, where she previously performed in 2003, as part of her comeback attempt?”

- Access Hollywood

Britney Spears “is reportedly in talks with George to star in a huge concert at the Palms in Vegas. The deal is set to be worth $10 million.”

- dlisted


Ticketmaster acquires a controlling interest in Front Line Management by buying an additional 30% of the company. Irving Azoff becomes CEO of Ticketmaster.

- Wired

Ticketmaster acquires Front Line Management from Warner Music Group for $123 million in CASH.

- Business Insider

2009–2013; 2015–2017

Ron Artest played for the Lakers. Irving Azoff has held season tickets since the 1970s.


Irving Azoff holds a fundraiser for Jerry Brown as he begins campaigning for his third term as governor of California.

“Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown will be in town Tuesday to raise money for his gubernatorial race, featuring a cast of players whose names frequently were linked with his during his two terms as governor. It’s a bit like one of those ’70s revival concerts. (And before you laugh, take a look at the Eagles ticket sales.)

Irving Azoff, the legendary music rep whose clients included REO Speedwagon and the New Kids on the Block, will host the Brown event along with his wife, Shelli, at their Beverly Hills manse. (Music was very good to Irv.)”

- LA Times


A prerecorded video of Perez Hilton opens the Britney Spears’ Circus Tour.



Britney Spears’ Circus Tour plays Arco Arena.



Perez Hilton signs his first artist named Sliimy under his Perezcious Music, which is an imprint of Warner Music Group.

“Hilton discovered the singer, whose album will drop on Sept. 14, after receiving an e-mail with Sliimy’s cover of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.” Hilton posted the song on his site last December, and recently enlisted celebrity pals like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Jordin Sparks to tweet “Who is Sliimy?,” creating instant online buzz. Sliimy is also opening some dates on both Spears’ and Perry’s European tours.”

- Entertainment Weekly


Ticketmaster extends their decade long ticketing deal with Arco Arena and the Palms.

- Ticketnews.com


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom get married at Irving Azoff’s house. Ron Artest attends the wedding. Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian met at a party that Khloe throws for Ron Artest. Laura Wasser represented Ron Artest during his divorce.

- Divorce Sucks!

- NY Post

- Getty Images


Caesars Entertainment (TPG) buys Planet Hollywood, where Britney’s Piece of Me Vegas residency will be.

- Las Vegas 360


Ron Artest wins the NBA championship with the Lakers. NBA champions are able to give replica rings to people.


“When Lou Taylor walks into a room, people tend to notice. Maybe it’s the blingy Lakers championship ring (a gift from client Metta World Peace) on her finger…”

- The Hollywood Reporter


TPG Capital buys 35% of Creative Artists Agency.



Jerry Brown ends his term as Attorney General of California.


Jerry Brown starts his third term as Governor of California.


The people of Sacramento are angry at the Maloofs for wanting to move the team to Anaheim, CA.

‘Goodbye Kings? How the Maloofs Hoodwinked the People of Sacramento’

- Bleacher Report


Britney Spears has two surprise performances at Rain nightclub, which is located in the Palms Casino. This becomes Britney Spears: I am Femme Fatale.


- Access Online


In order for the Maloofs to relocate the Kings, Governor Jerry Brown would need to sign a bill requiring the Maloofs to pay off $77 million. This requirement may act as leverage for the Maloofs’ other business dealings, as the Palms is deeply in debt and will soon TPG Capital will acquire 48% of the Palms. Ultimately, the Kings stay in Sacramento.

“The legislation introduced by Steinberg, who represents Sacramento, would apply to relocation agreements entered into on after the start of the current year if approved by two-thirds of lawmakers and signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

The effect of the bill would be to require the owners of the Kings to pay off $77 million in debt from a loan made by Sacramento before the team could leave town.”

- Reuters


The Palms and TPG Capital announce a partnership to ‘significantly reduce’ debt, yet the Maloofs are actually selling 98% of the Palms.

Maloof said TPG Capital has been a debt holder for the past year and a half and said it brought in Leonard Green as a debt holder last year. Including the two investors and the Maloof family, Maloof said debt is estimated at $400 million.

Leonard Green and TPG said in a joint statement, “We are excited to partner with the Maloof family on this world-class asset and iconic brand.”

Maloof called the deal a “partnership,” but according to documents filed with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Maloofs will own 2 percent of the casino once the deal is complete, but said it could grow to 20 percent because of options granted in the contract. The family previously held an 85 percent share in the casino.”

- Las Vegas Sun


The winner of the X Factor will be managed by Azoff’s Frontline Management.


Billboard says that Irving Azoff is the most POWERFUL PERSON in the music industry.

- Billboard on YouTube


Governor Jerry Brown gives Jeff Azoff a statewide appointment.

- Office of the Governor


The first episode of the X Factor with Britney Spears.



The Maloofs are apparently broke and even flying coach.

- SBNation


Irving Azoff leaves Live Nation. Michael Rapino takes over Live Nation. Live Nation keeps Frontline Management, but Irving Azoff will take some artists that he will keep managing: Christina Aguilera, the Eagles, Van Halen, Steely Dan and Jennifer Hudson. Irving cannot sign new artists for two years as a non-compete stipulation with Live Nation.

- The Wrap

- Billboard

Irving blames his departure from Live Nation on President Obama.

- The Hollywood Reporter


Britney Spears is signed to the talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA). She will be under Rob Light & Jeff Azoff.

I believe Jeff Azoff is working on behalf of Irving Azoff because Irving is unable to sign new artists. Immediately, rumors of a Vegas residency start.

- Billboard


The Maloofs sell the Sacramento Kings for a record $534 million. People in Sacramento hate the Maloofs.

- NBC Sports.


Britney Spears releases Work B*tch and the lyrics include the line “Go Call the Governor

- YouTube


Live Nation and Caesars Entertainment announce a historic partnership.

- Caesars Entertainment press release


Britney Spears’ Vegas residency, Piece of Me, begins at Planet Hollywood.


Jeff Azoff makes Billboard’s 40 under 40.

Jeffrey Azoff grew up in a household where huge deals went down at the breakfast table — his father is industry legend Irving Azoff — but he stands on his own (SURE….) as a critical player on the team that put together Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency (125,000 tickets sold since December 2013, per Azoff).”

- Billboard


Live Nation starts Maverick management company with Larry Rudolph and others.

- Billboard


TPG buys a controlling stake in CAA

- Deadline


Jeff Azoff is on Billboard’s Power 100 at #99.

“Son of industry magnate Irving, Azoff has four years’ experience as an agent with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) but checks in with his father frequently, admitting, ‘I’d be dumb to not ask him for advice.’”

- Billboard

Wouldn’t Jeff Azoff be dumb not to ask his dad for advice when he started his career like when he represented Britney Spears in 2013?

October 2018

Governor Jerry Brown appoints Brenda Penny a judge. Despite overseeing Britney Spears’ case for a few years, she was not an actual judge.

- Office of the Governor


Jerry Brown ends his fourth term as Governor of California


Jeff and Irving Azoff are #4 on Billboard’s Power 100.

- Billboard


Irving and Shelli Azoff are guests on Laura Wasser’s podcast.

- Divorce Sucks!


Lou Taylor states her mentors include Irving Azoff, Michael Rapino, Aaron Rosenberg, Don Passman, Patrick Whitesell and Mercyline “Mike” Bernardo

- The Hollywood Reporter


On The Bob Lefsetz podcast, Irving Azoff says his mentors are David Bonderman of TPG Capital, the Leiweke brothers — Tim & Todd, Egon Durban of Silver Lake Partners, Eddy Cue at Apple, and that he talks to Live Nation’s CEO Michael Rapino all the time.


Michael Rapino is on the Bob Lefsetz podcast. Bob says that Michael Rapino is the most powerful person in the music industry.

- Bob Lefsetz podcast


Courtney Love texts a friend to see if Mathew Rosengart is legit. The friend says that Rosengart knows how high up the conspiracy goes.. There were 4 different photos of the text exchange. Two I cannot find without them being cut off, but the #GOVERNOR is used.

- Since deleted tweet by Courtney Love

- BreatheHeavy


Larry and Gavin Rudolph get a new management company under Live Nation. It is called 724 Management.

- Variety


Tri Star, Live Nation, Apples Music, Drake and Travis Scott are all being sues for the tragedy at the Astroworld concert.

- Rolling Stone

Will these entities join forces to fight the lawsuits or sell each other out?


Irving Azoff to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

- Billboard

Mutual: Clients Lou Taylor/Tri Star and Irving Azoff

  • Irving Azoff, Jeff Azoff, Azoff Management, Full Stop, Front Line Global Music Rights
  • Lou Taylor; Tri Star Sports and Entertainment


Britney Spears



Meghan Trainor

Page Six


The Prince estate




Lifelong family friends

Daily Mail

Page Six


NY Daily News

Rumors Lou putting Kanye in a conservatorship.

Steven Tyler/Aerosmith



Travis Scott

Los Angeles Times


Florida Georgia Line



Gwen Stefani



Clients That Irving Azoff Has Worked With That Have Had A Conservatorship

· BRITNEY SPEARS — allegedly Irving Azoff worked with her through his son Jeff Azoff in 2013–2015/6

· Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys when Wilson made a record with Irving Azoff’s Giant Records in the 1990s

New York Times & San Francisco Weekly

· Randy Meisner: Former member of the Eagles — Meisner’s wife was found dead from an *accidental* shotgun blast. Meisner placed himself in a conservatorship to cope with his tragic loss or maybe to be able to claim temporary insanity?

- Daily News 2016



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